How to Safely Store Dangerous Goods

This video on how to safely store dangerous goods is a snippet from three of our online training courses. This example introduces the dangerous goods compatibility chart to determine appropriate segregation and separation distances.

To learn more about safe chemical storage and handling try one of our “Chemical Awareness & Spill Training” courses.

These courses cover:

What are hazardous chemicals and dangerous goods;
Incidents that have occurred with hazardous chemicals and dangerous goods and their contributing factors;
Exposure pathways;
GHS classification and labelling;
Dangerous goods classification and transport;
State Regulations on hazardous chemicals;
Safe handling of chemicals and the role of safety data sheets;
The 7 elements of safe storage; and
Spill management (spill prevention, containment and response).

Courses are suitable for all workplaces in NSW, Qld, ACT, NT, SA, WA, Tasmania, Victoria and those that operate under Comcare.

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how to safely store dangerous goods, segregation of dangerous goods

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