How to use a Spill Kit

How to use a spill kit

how to use a spill kit

This video on how to use a spill kit is a snippet from three of our online training courses. This example uses oil as the spilt material and a zeolite based loose absorbent.

Make sure you are wearing the right PPE for the chemical spilt and if needed, one or more trained people to assist.
The loose absorbent is poured gently around the outside of the spill. This is to avoid splashing, which we would not want to do when cleaning up a hazardous chemical like an acid or alkali.
Next we gently sweep the loose absorbent on to the spill. Working around the spill and making sure we do not step in the spill and spread it around.
All absorbents then need a little time to absorb the spilt material.
After the spilt material has been absorbed we can carefully collect the used absorbent with a dust pan and brush, broom or shovel.
The used absorbent material should be then put in a suitable container/bag and disposed of via a licensed waste contractor.

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