Online Chemical Safety and Spill Training

Are you confused about chemical registers, manifests, incompatibles and other chemical management terms? Not sure how to use a spill kit?

Fill all those knowledge gaps with an online chemical training course from Workplace Chemistry.

Workplace Chemistry is proud to offer you a range of online chemical safety and spill training courses.

These courses are perfect for:

  • Staff who work with chemicals;
  • Staff who supervise those that work with chemicals;
  • Health & Safety Advisors who want to stay up do date;
  • Staff inductions;
  • Organisations with small numbers of staff requiring training;
  • Workplaces in remote areas where on site training is cost prohibitive;
  • Large or small businesses that want to take advantage of the always available on demand nature of online training; and
  • Businesses that wish to provide their staff with chemical safety and spill training in a COVID Safe environment.

All courses come with a Certificate of Completion after you have completed the course.

Our online training courses are self paced and use interactive slide shows to deliver the course content, making online learning an enjoyable experience.

Our content is optimised for playback on laptops, desktop computers and iPads.

(Looking for a face to face training option, check out our workshops.)

online chemical training

Content Examples

What needs to be on a chemical register?
How to use a spill kit.
How to safely store dangerous goods.

online chemical training, online chemical safety

Individual Enrolments

Individuals who wish to enrol in a course can do so online with a credit card (VISA/MasterCard/AMEX). If you would like to access our courses using a purchase order please contact us.

Group Enrolments

For group enrolments we provide a premium service; this includes enrolment of candidates by Workplace Chemistry, group progress reports and offline payment by purchase order or credit card. To arrange a group enrolment please contact us.

online training report, online chemical safety

Group progress reports are emailed as a pdf once a month and are available anytime online to group organisers (pdf version shown).


To be honest, this was my first online class. I am looking forward to taking more online classes. The course was well paced, and pitched at a level which allowed me to learn quickly, and in depth without becoming to bogged down.

Workplace Chemistry Review
Greg BakerWarehouse SupervisorTransforce & Logistics Solutions

I was impressed with this course. It delivered complex information at a pace which was understandable and easily remembered. It was like being given a present which you really like and will become a strong memory.

Workplace Chemistry Review
Stephanie BourkeEnts Forestry

I would like to thank Rob for diligently designing the course. The presentations were easy to follow and directly addressed the topic clearly conveying the message. The topics were supported by examples and explanations making it more user friendly.

Workplace Chemistry Review
Mohit Kumar SharmaThe University of Newcastle

I thought the online training presented well, had good content and was worth my time completing.

Workplace Chemistry Review
Steve JamiesonPlant Trainer - HSPOGeneral Motors Holden

Very in-depth course, I learnt so much and the way it was set up to teach you was excellent, I highly recommend this company and hope they offer more in the future, education is so important.

Great course, very helpful and informative.

Practical, accessible and affordable. This course gives a great overview of safe chemical storage and management plus workplace requirements under WHS and GHS laws. Highly recommended!

Workplace Chemistry Review
Jennifer BloomerDetonics Australia

Thank you for a very informative course. I'm sure it will be very helpful for me in my role. I found it well paced, well structured, well worded and illustrated, especially as I have limited prior knowledge in this area. I enjoyed the course and learnt a lot.

Workplace Chemistry Review
Catherine MalcolmOHS Administrative AssistantChristian Youth Camps

The online Chemical Awareness and Spill Training course was relevant to our workplace. It was easy to navigate and the simple enrolment process for 11 of our employees is a good option where they can complete it in their own time.

This course was really well presented, easy to follow slides and information. Pace was very good and it was good that you could replay slides if you needed to. End of unit quizzes were great as they showed if you needed to review information. I would recommend this course to other school Laboratory Technicians.

Workplace Chemistry Review
Karen NewlanLaboratory TechnicianKyabram P-12 College

The course was clear and easy to understand. The step through process was very good.

Workplace Chemistry Review
Richard VibertYard ManagerJarvis Delahey Contractors Pty Ltd

This course was quick and easy. I like how it focussed on only the important and practical aspects of managing spills. We’ll be using it again when the time comes for recurrent training.

Workplace Chemistry Review
Tom AtkinsonCharter PilotMaxem Aviation

This has been a very helpful online course. Great advice on Spill Management in your home or work area. Can fully recommend this great course!

Workplace Chemistry Review
Jaco RheederMandurah, WA.

Great course, really enjoyed the modular layout where a lot of other training courses could take some important notes from the way this course has been undertaken.

Workplace Chemistry Review
Michael CarrNewcastle, NSW

The Workplace Chemistry online training tool was a great option for our remote-site personnel. The training session was relevant, easy to access and use, and Rob was helpful and prompt in communicating with us.

Workplace Chemistry Review
Simon PhilippidesEnvironment Advisor, RenewablesAGL

I found the course to be very educational, it contains plenty of valuable information, is interactive to keep you engaged, is provided in an easy-to-follow format and uses terminology that could be understood by those with less experience in the field through to Health and Safety Advisors. I would highly recommend this course for anyone wanting to gain knowledge in chemical awareness, spill training and the relevant WHS regulation, or for this who work with chemicals, or manage staff who work with chemical.

Workplace Chemistry Review
Patricia JonesSafety SpecialistPratt Safety Systems

Arranging the course for our onsite Facilities Management staff was really quick and easy and the reporting allowed us to track the completion of the staff training. I would definitely recommend Workplace Chemistry, and we will be using them again.

Workplace Chemistry Review
Erinna GuarinoProgram Development ManagerVentia

So far all of my staff have said the course is very informative and more specific to our work than other chemical training that has been provided in the past.

Workplace Chemistry Review
Dominic NorthPrecinct Stores and Loading Dock ManagerVictor Chang Cardiac Research Institute

The course is well presented and well paced. Nicely structured and the content is highly understandable, without the detail being overwhelming or inaccessible for the knowledge check quizzes. I would highly recommend for laboratories and enviro's with reach in to the hazchem space, as well as workers on sites using or handling these products.

Workplace Chemistry Review
Matthew DeavesPerth, WA.

I found the practical examples and knowledge testing really good for making you really look and understand what you are reading. The course was up to date and relevant, clear information and symbols and the whole team has benefited from completing it.

Workplace Chemistry Review
Heather BleechmoreManager - Collection Care and ConservationAustralian Museum

Well worth doing and applicable for both the education and rural sectors that I work in. Case studies were extremely interesting and informative.

Workplace Chemistry Review
Marian WalkerSchool Administration/Science TechnicianThe Henry Lawson High School

The course was easily accessible and I learnt a lot in two hours, rather than sitting in a room for 6 hours in front of someone talking to 10-15 people. I gained a lot of knowledge from this course. Thank you.

I really enjoyed this course! It was very easy to follow and I loved the interactive aspects of the slides to keep me focussed.

Workplace Chemistry Review
Alyssa CarrollNewcastle, NSW.

The feedback I have received so far is the course is easy to navigate through and people like how it’s broken into sections. I found it very informative and well delivered.

I really enjoyed this course. I work in a high school science laboratory and found it most helpful in understanding the differences between chemical registers, manifests and placarding. It was great to see examples of chemical spills both large scale and small scale and to see the destruction they can cause, and to see how to clean them up. I appreciated the quick email response when I was having trouble with my login. Thank you!

This course is excellent. It is easy to follow, understand and very user friendly. I found it to be a great refresher course as well as learning some new information.

A very clear and concise course. I would highly recommend this course to others in my workplace.

Workplace Chemistry Review
Simonne SherwinNewcastle, NSW.

Rob at Workplace Chemistry was a pleasure to work with. He was incredibly responsive, helpful, and approachable. All our staff found the Chemical Awareness training incredibly beneficial as well – it was easy to navigate and informative.

Workplace Chemistry Review
Bridget DunoonHR OfficerNational Art School

Good entry point course. Simple and informative without being too long and wordy.

Workplace Chemistry Review
Zoee KilkellyOperations Manager - NewcastleTyrecycle

I am the Safety Officer for the Faculty of Science at the University of Newcastle. I have used the online Chemical Safety and Spill Training Courses over the last two years, for both staff and research student training. I recommend using this website for chemicals safety training and chemical spill training.

Workplace Chemistry Review
Dr Benjamin CurrySafety Officer, Faculty of ScienceUniversity of Newcastle

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