Online Chemical Safety & Spill Training Courses

Are you confused about chemical registers, manifests, incompatibles and other chemical management terms? Not sure how to use a spill kit?

Fill all those knowledge gaps with an online chemical training course from Workplace Chemistry.

Workplace Chemistry is proud to offer you a range of online chemical safety and spill training courses.

These courses are perfect for:

  • Staff who work with chemicals;
  • Staff who supervise those that work with chemicals;
  • Health & Safety Advisors who want to stay up do date;
  • Staff inductions;
  • Organisations with small numbers of staff requiring training;
  • Workplaces in remote areas where on site training is cost prohibitive;
  • Large or small businesses that want to take advantage of the always available on demand nature of online training; and
  • Businesses that wish to provide their staff with chemical safety and spill training in a COVID Safe environment.

All courses come with a Certificate of Completion after you have completed the course.

Our online training courses are self paced and use interactive slide shows to deliver the course content, making online learning an enjoyable experience.

Our content is optimised for playback on laptops, desktop computers and iPads.

online chemical training

Content Examples

What needs to be on a chemical register?
How to use a spill kit.
How to safely store dangerous goods.

online chemical training, online chemical safety

Individual Enrolments

Individuals who wish to enrol in a course can do so online with a credit card (VISA/MasterCard/AMEX). If you would like to access our courses using a purchase order please contact us.

Group Enrolments

For group enrolments we provide a premium service; this includes enrolment of candidates by Workplace Chemistry, group progress reports and offline payment by purchase order or credit card. To arrange a group enrolment please contact us.

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Group progress reports are emailed as a pdf once a month and are available anytime online to group organisers.


The Workplace Chemistry online training tool was a great option for our remote-site personnel. The training session was relevant, easy to access and use, and Rob was helpful and prompt in communicating with us.

Workplace Chemistry Review
Simon PhilippidesEnvironment Advisor, RenewablesAGL

Very in-depth course, I learnt so much and the way it was set up to teach you was excellent, I highly recommend this company and hope they offer more in the future, education is so important.

I am the Safety Officer for the Faculty of Science at the University of Newcastle. I have used the online Chemical Safety and Spill Training Courses over the last two years, for both staff and research student training. I recommend using this website for chemicals safety training and chemical spill training.

Workplace Chemistry Review
Dr Benjamin CurrySafety Officer, Faculty of ScienceUniversity of Newcastle

Rob at Workplace Chemistry was a pleasure to work with. He was incredibly responsive, helpful, and approachable. All our staff found the Chemical Awareness training incredibly beneficial as well – it was easy to navigate and informative.

Workplace Chemistry Review
Bridget DunoonHR OfficerNational Art School

The feedback I have received so far is the course is easy to navigate through and people like how it’s broken into sections. I found it very informative and well delivered.

Practical, accessible and affordable. This course gives a great overview of safe chemical storage and management plus workplace requirements under WHS and GHS laws. Highly recommended!

Workplace Chemistry Review
Jennifer BloomerDetonics Australia

online chemical training

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