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Online Training Terms & Conditions

These online training packages have been prepared in good faith. They are intended to provide you with practical knowledge of how to identify chemical hazards and the legal requirements you have when these are in a workplace. Any representation, statement, opinion or advice expressed or implied in Workplace Chemistry’s online training packages are made in good faith. We are not liable to any person or entity taking or not taking action in respect of any representation, statement, opinion or advice referred to in these training packages. In addition, these online training packages do not, and does not purport to, give legal advice as to your actual or potential liabilities, or draw conclusions as to whether any particular circumstances constitute a breach of relevant legislation.  You will appreciate that this advice can only be given by qualified legal practitioners.



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Collection of Information

We collect only information that is necessary for the effective running of this site. This includes information for the processing of payments and operation of online training. Workplace Chemistry places the highest importance on the security of your credit card information and we do not store credit card details in our database. At no time are Workplace Chemistry staff able to see your credit card details. Card details are stored in a secure, encrypted form by the payment gateway, Stripe (www.stripe.com) to enable us to refund your card if necessary. We guarantee not to sell any of your personal information to any third party at any time.