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Here is some help to commonly asked questions regarding our online training.

I cannot find the email with my login details, how do I gain access to my course?

If you know the email address you were enrolled with, then you can gain access to the site by resetting your password. You can do that on the ‘Lost your password‘ page. If you do not know the email address you were enrolled with then contact your company contact who organised the training.

workplace chemistry online training help

I keep getting ‘User not enrolled’ when I go to access my training course, what is going on?

You may have accidentally visited this page when you were not logged in. After this your web browser has remembered this page and is now loading it from memory. If you are logged in then forcing the web page to reload by pressing ‘Ctrl + R’ usually works. If this doesn’t work and you are sure you are logged in then you can try clearing your web browsers cache or using a different web browser (Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox and Apple Safari all work well).

workplace chemistry user not enrolled

I’m logged in, but I cannot find the where to start my course?

All the courses you are enrolled in are listed on the ‘My courses’ page. Clicking on a course listed on this page will take you to that course where you can see the course structure and proceed to your first lesson or topic. When you are logged in a link to the ‘My courses’ page is under ‘Online Chemical Safety & Spill Training’ in the top menu.

workplace chemistry, where is my course

workplace chemistry my courses

In the ‘Incidents with Hazardous Chemicals’ topic I’m having trouble completing the topic because the ‘Next’ button doesn’t appear?

To complete this topic you need to view the slides on all four incidents. These are accessed one by one by clicking the related picture on the slide titled ‘Incidents Menu’. Occasionally it is easy to miss the incident with the sodium hydroxide burn, to access this incident click on the picture of the persons arm. The ‘Next’ button will appear when you have visited all four incidents.

workplace chemistry online training help

In the ‘Safe Handling of Hazardous Chemicals’ topic where do I find the answers for the quiz?

All the answers for the quiz are contained in the safety data sheet that is provided on the ‘Safe Handling’ topic page. There is a link that opens the safety data sheet in a new tab, or a button which will download the safety data sheet to your computer.

workplace chemistry safety data sheet

I’m having trouble passing the final quiz?

If you have unfortunately failed the quiz, under your results are two buttons ‘View Questions’ and ‘Restart Quiz’. If you click the ‘View Questions’ button you will be shown the questions, your answers and the correct answers. Take time to review these, then scroll back up and click the ‘Restart Quiz’ button when you are ready to have another attempt.

workplacechemistry online training help

workplace chemistry quiz review

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