Chemical Awareness and Spill Training with WHS Regulations

Chemical Awareness and Spill Training with WHS Regulations

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This is a full length chemical safety training course for workplaces that operate under Work, Health and Safety (WHS) Regulations.

The Chemical Awareness and Spill Training course covers the following topics:

  • What are hazardous chemicals and dangerous goods;
  • Incidents that have occurred with hazardous chemicals and dangerous goods;
  • Exposure pathways;
  • GHS classification and labelling;
  • Dangerous goods classification and transport;
  • Model WHS Regulations on hazardous chemicals;
  • Safe handling of chemicals and the role of safety data sheets;
  • The 7 elements of safe storage; and
  • Spill management (spill prevention, containment and response).

NOTE – There is no need to buy more than one course. The information covered in this full length Chemical Awareness and Spill Training course covers the content that is offered in the two short courses that are also available.


This Chemical Awareness and Spill Training course is an interactive online course. It is perfect for personnel who; work with chemicals, manage staff who work with chemicals, and Health and Safety Advisors. The course is tailored to the model WHS Regulations and is suitable for workplaces in NSW, Qld, ACT, NT, SA, Tasmania and those that operate under Comcare.

The Chemical Awareness and Spill Training course contains questions at the end of each topic to review your knowledge and there is a Final Quiz at the end.

You will receive a Certificate of Completion when successfully completing the course.

The course will take 2-3 hours to complete.

You do not have to complete the whole course in one sitting. Log in as many time as you need to complete the course.

Our content is optimised for playback on laptops, desktop computers and iPads.

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Group Enrolments

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Chemical Safety Training


Great course, very helpful and informative.

Arranging the course for our onsite Facilities Management staff was really quick and easy and the reporting allowed us to track the completion of the staff training. I would definitely recommend Workplace Chemistry, and we will be using them again.

Workplace Chemistry Review
Erinna GuarinoProgram Development ManagerVentia

Thanks Rob. Great course, only complicated by my old lap top but all fixed now by IT.

Workplace Chemistry Review
Jennifer McMillanLab TechnicianTrinity Anglican College

Practical, accessible and affordable. This course gives a great overview of safe chemical storage and management plus workplace requirements under WHS and GHS laws. Highly recommended!

Workplace Chemistry Review
Jennifer BloomerDetonics Australia

I am the Safety Officer for the Faculty of Science at the University of Newcastle. I have used the online Chemical Safety and Spill Training Courses over the last two years, for both staff and research student training. I recommend using this website for chemicals safety training and chemical spill training.

Workplace Chemistry Review
Dr Benjamin CurrySafety Officer, Faculty of ScienceUniversity of Newcastle

A most informative tutorial on handling, storage and use of chemicals in the workplace. Categories covering all aspects. Very clear, concise and easy to follow. An excellent guide for all working in this area. A must for all concerned. 5 Stars

Workplace Chemistry Review
Wendy McGeorgeCoffs Harbour, NSW

I really enjoyed this course. I work in a high school science laboratory and found it most helpful in understanding the differences between chemical registers, manifests and placarding. It was great to see examples of chemical spills both large scale and small scale and to see the destruction they can cause, and to see how to clean them up. I appreciated the quick email response when I was having trouble with my login. Thank you!

The feedback I have received so far is the course is easy to navigate through and people like how it’s broken into sections. I found it very informative and well delivered.

I really enjoyed this course! It was very easy to follow and I loved the interactive aspects of the slides to keep me focussed.

Workplace Chemistry Review
Alyssa CarrollNewcastle, NSW.

The online Chemical Awareness and Spill Training course was relevant to our workplace. It was easy to navigate and the simple enrolment process for 11 of our employees is a good option where they can complete it in their own time.

To be honest, this was my first online class. I am looking forward to taking more online classes. The course was well paced, and pitched at a level which allowed me to learn quickly, and in depth without becoming to bogged down.

Workplace Chemistry Review
Greg BakerWarehouse SupervisorTransforce & Logistics Solutions

After spending time working with Rob on a recent handover I enrolled in the “Chemical Awareness and spill training with WHS Regulations” online training course provided by Workplace Chemistry. I found the content was of good quality and easy to follow. I’d recommend the online training to both those looking to start work in the laboratory environment and those looking for a refresher course.

Workplace Chemistry Review
Kirsten GarlickLaboratory ManagerMTi Group

This course is excellent. It is easy to follow, understand and very user friendly. I found it to be a great refresher course as well as learning some new information.

Great course, really enjoyed the modular layout where a lot of other training courses could take some important notes from the way this course has been undertaken.

Workplace Chemistry Review
Michael CarrNewcastle, NSW

Rob at Workplace Chemistry was a pleasure to work with. He was incredibly responsive, helpful, and approachable. All our staff found the Chemical Awareness training incredibly beneficial as well – it was easy to navigate and informative.

Workplace Chemistry Review
Bridget DunoonHR OfficerNational Art School

Well worth doing and applicable for both the education and rural sectors that I work in. Case studies were extremely interesting and informative.

Workplace Chemistry Review
Marian WalkerSchool Administration/Science TechnicianThe Henry Lawson High School

I would like to thank Rob for diligently designing the course. The presentations were easy to follow and directly addressed the topic clearly conveying the message. The topics were supported by examples and explanations making it more user friendly.

Workplace Chemistry Review
Mohit Kumar SharmaThe University of Newcastle

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