Introduction to Spill Management

Introduction to Spill Management

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This online spill training course is an introduction into the concepts of spill management and teaches you how to use a spill kit. The course covers the following topics:

  • Spill prevention;
  • Spill containment systems;
  • Spill kit types and locations; and
  • Spill response (how to use absorbent materials to clean up small-medium sized spills).

NOTE – The information covered in this short course is also covered in the full length Chemical Awareness and Spill Training courses.

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This interactive online spill training course is perfect for introducing you to the concepts involved in spill prevention, containment and response.

The course contains questions at the end of the interactive slide show to review your knowledge and there is a Final Quiz to complete.

You will receive a Certificate of Completion when successfully completing the course.

The course will take approx. 30 minutes.

Our content is optimised for playback on laptops, desktop computers and iPads.

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Individual Enrolments

Individuals who wish to enrol in the online spill training course can do so online with a credit card, click the Add to Cart button. If you would like to access our courses using a purchase order please contact us.

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Group Enrolments

For group enrolments into the online spill training course we provide a premium service; this includes enrolment of candidates by Workplace Chemistry, group progress reports and offline payment by purchase order or credit card. To arrange a group enrolment please contact us.

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Online Spill Training, Spill Training, Online Spill Course, Spill ManagementIntroduction to Spill Management
$44.00 inc. GST